Digisaurus's Fall Tour of 2016 is off and running, so I'm back to blogging again. I'm kinda done highlighting each city we're going to since we're hitting up a lot of the same places we did over the summer. So I'm gonna switch the focus to some different aspects of life on the road and more emotional stuff.

To get things poppin' though, we'll start with something light. As I’m writing this, we’re driving through Oklahoma for a show in Dallas tonight. I love the people of the Midwest, but God-damn these drives are boring. With so much time spent in the van, I’ve found podcasts tend to speed things up. So this week, I thought I’d highlight my top 5 podcasts and let you know what we're listening to.

1. Super Duty: Tough Work

Columbus rapper’s, Blueprint & Illogic, hold it down each with “dope” conversations that highlight creativity, the music industry, and hip hop culture. I originally started listening to this for tips on touring, inspiration, and releasing music. But more recent episodes on hip hop’s role in society and social justice movements has opened up a new perspective on what all artists can be doing with their influence. This podcast is a fascinating dive into the hip hop genre, and the camaraderie between Blueprint and Illogic make it easy to feel like you’re part of the discussion.

Recommended episodes: “How to Travel Without Killing Yourself and Everybody Else,” “Top Ten Reasons Why Nobody Respeck’s Birdman’s Name”

2. My Dad Wrote a Porno

I'll admit that conversations with my Father about his post-retirement plans have yielded the possibility of him becoming an erotic novelist. But Jamie Morton’s Dad has actually gone and done it, and this podcast has afforded me a theoretical peek into what that future might hold. Each week, Jamie, Alice Levine, and James Cooper read a chapter of “Belinda Blinked,” which combines stories of sexual prowess and business acumen as Belinda Blumenthal navigates her “path” as Sales Director for a leading company in the pots and pans industry. The hosts rousing (arousing?) commentary provides the perfect compliment to my utter bewilderment of the story.

Recommended Episodes: You should really listen to this in order, but “The Maze/The First Client,” is definitely where things start to get interesting ;)

3.  Song Exploder

If you want a general kick in the ass for motivating your creativity, Song Exploder definitely takes the cake. Hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway, each episode covers a piece of music and outlines its creation process. Featuring interviews with the artists and producers, early demo’s, stem tracks, and other good stuff, Song Exploder provides an in depth look into the writing/recording process that’s rarely revealed. Be aware, I do think this podcast might be more for musicians than fans. My non-musician girlfriend told me that Song Exploder actually ruined the fantastical imagery of her favorite song after she heard how it was made.

Recommended Episodes: MGMT - Time to Pretend, Grimes - Kill V. Maim, Spoon - Inside Out

4.  Fantasy Focus Podcast

This one is seasonal, but we’re listening to this podcast daily on the Fall tour. Eric and I are both playing fantasy football and I’ll be damned if we’re not gonna wreck our leagues this year. Before you tell me, “ugh, sports,” let me just say that fantasy football replaces the machoism of football and directly replaces it with inherent nerdism. I barely even watch the games, but I can tell you stat after stat after potential match up after stat thanks to Matthew Berry, Stephania Bell, and Field Yates. It does take a bit to catch on to all the underlying inside jokes, but once you’ve broken that barrier, you’re part of the family.

5. Snap Judgment

I had to get at least one short stories podcast in here. “Storytelling, with a BEAT” is Snap Judgement’s motto, and Glynn Washington and his crew provide some of the best stories this side of Oz each week. With sound design and beats by Leon Morimoto and Renzo Gorrio, the tales are pushed to an alternate reality that make it feel like you’re reading a graphic novel in your mind. The raw emotions I feel when listening to this podcast are unparalleled. I’ve caught myself on more than one occasion with tears trickling down my face. The stories are really REAL man.

Recommended Episodes: Overthrow: This is the story of an American brought to Libya to play professional basketball on Colonel Gaddafi’s basketball team, and the resulting revolution he found himself caught up in.