I’m sitting in a hotel room in Santa Fe right now. The Cubs/Indians game is on, and Eric is glued to the television. I have no stakes in this game, or really the entire sport of baseball. But I love rooting for Ohio teams when I can (except football, I’m all Giants there...disappointed in them on the management side this past week though) and it’s great to see them 3 up right now.

We’re two weeks into the tour and things have been going exactly as they usually have. Rousing shows Thursday-Saturday, hits or misses on Sundays & Wednesdays, and full on questioning of what exactly I’m doing with my life on Mondays & Tuesdays. While the micro view of the emotional rollercoaster that is year one of DIY touring can be tough, the macro is always encouraging and we’ve had some really fun shows so far. I may have even swayed a couple of people voting for Trump in Arkansas to not do that (jk, they totally are because e-mails).

We’ve got three and a half more weeks on the road, and you can see the dates we’ve got left at the bottom of this post. But also of great importance, I’m really happy to announce we’ve got a new single coming out next week. It’s called “I Don’t Feel Alright,” and it features Fran Litterski from Kid Runner and current touring keyboardist for Magic Man on the track. I think it’s the first Digisaurus track I’ve written by myself, and I wrote it at a pretty anxious time for me at the beginning of this year. I’ll have more on that and the song for you next week. For now, marvel in the incredible artwork by my good childhood friend and ex-Blastronauts partner, Jacob Halpern

See you soon...


10/27 • Phoenix, AZ • The Lost Loft
10/28 • Boulder City, NV • Boulder Dam Brewing
10/29 • Paso Robles, CA • The  Pour House
10/30 • Hayward, CA • The Bistro
10/30 • Alameda, CA • The Black Pug Cafe
11/1 • Santa Cruz, CA • Bocci's Cellar
11/2 • Medford, OR • Jonny B's Rocking Diner
11/3 • Eugene, OR • The Wandering Goat
11/4 • Seattle, WA • The Central Saloon
11/5 • Port Townsend, WA • Sirens
11/6 • Seattle, WA • Bourbon Bar
11/7 • Moscow, ID • One World Cafe
11/8 • Spokane, WA • Checkerboard Bar
11/9 • Boise, ID • Edge Brewing Co.
11/10 • Bozeman, MT • Wild Joe's Coffee House
11/11 • Ogden, UT • Alleged
11/12 • Pueblo, CO • Reserved
11/13 • Lubbock, TX • BarPM
11/14 • Norman, OK • Red Brick Bar
11/15 • Lincoln, NE • Duffy's Tavern
11/16 • Ames, IA • DG's Tap House
11/17 • Iowa City, IA • Uptown Bill's
11/18 • Trempealeau, WI • Trempealeau Hotel
11/19 • Bloomington, IL • The Bistro

11/22 • Canton, OH • Buzzbin

12/16 • Columbus, OH • A&R Music Bar

12/17 • Bowling Green, OH • Howard’s Club H

12/20 • Philadelphia, PA • The Barbary

12/23 • New York, NY • Piano’s