Happy Thanksgiving everyone. As an English person, Thanksgiving didn't come naturally to me at first. But I've spent two thirds of my life in the US now. The longer I've lived here, the more I've appreciated the holiday as a time I get to spend with people I care about...even if the original premise seems a little flawed to me. 

The tour finished up over the weekend, but I went down to Nashville for a couple nights to work on something really special with some super dope folks (more on that later). I just got back to Philadelphia last night, and today I'm heading to my girlfriend's parent's house in New Jersey for the feast. I've been traveling non stop for about 45 days now, but I'm more than willing to do it a couple more times to get in the celebrations.

Just a short post this week, but I do want to say thanks to everyone who came out to the shows, bought a CD, put our stickers up high on lamp posts, fed us, let us crash at your place, or showed us some hospitality in any form. I don't think you could possibly fathom how much any gesture meant to us as we were so far from home. And a big big thanks to Eric and Jeff for being the most bad ass rhythm section on this planet and for another great tour. We're pretty much around each other all day and then sleeping in the same room at night on the road. Things get cozy, and these guys are very patient, insightful, and talented. I can't imagine two better people to have done so much touring with this year.

I've got a few more shows coming up to round out 2016, including a big homecoming to Columbus at the A&R Music Bar with The Odds of Being Born & Cherry Chrome on December 16th. We'll be doing a Cyber Monday sale on the website next Monday for fee-free pre-sale tickets to that show with some Digisaurus swag, so keep an eye out for that. Otherwise, enjoy your holiday and we'll see you soon.