Getting off tour is an adjustment. I pretty much go from a regimented schedule of being at certain places at certain times every single day to having the freedom to do whatever I want in a very short amount of time. Over the past forty five days, I think I had one day to roam free.

However, I feel very lucky to have experienced the tour life again and to have a home to come back to. This week, I’m going to write about getting off the road and my process for adjusting back to life at home.

Go somewhere to relax

Usually, there’s so much pressure to get going again as soon as I get back... Mostly due to my own anxiety about "what’s next." After the Summer tour, I launched right back into my routine at home, screwed up my neck, got sick, and ended up being bedridden for a week. My body just simply wanted me to take a break. After this last Fall tour, I got to go stay with family for a bit for Thanksgiving. It was nice to have a transitional period where I spent time in an environment with no pressure to do anything. I felt so refreshed going back to Philly after.

Transition and Prioritize

When I actually get home, it usually takes a few days to get used to it. There’s about a three day period until I start feeling comfortable in my own bed, stop living out of a suitcase (I still haven’t unpacked), get my basement studio set up, etc. I use this time to go through everything in my personal life and Digisaurus world. There’s things that fall by the wayside when I’m tour, so this is my time to put band-aids on things and prioritize. I build up a big to do list to tackle, and figure out a clear plan forward. But first...

Process Experiences

I need a couple of days to process my thoughts. The world is essentially moving through me on tour, and it can be hard to keep up. I meet a lot of people, see a lot of places, and a lot in the world just changes (especially over the last couple of months). Now I take some time to myself after to focus on everything and figure out what it all means to me. I can’t really make meaningful music again before I take the time to do this. (For more on why this is important, see my blog a few weeks back)

Welcome Back!

Now I’m adjusted and back in my routine. My studio is set up and ready to go, and I’ve got a fresh perspective as an artist to guide what I want to work on musically. Next it’s just a task of balancing making music with the giant list of priorities to tackle on the booking, content, marketing, and technical side. But I’m feeling good. I’ve already completed my first task: Writing this blog.

I'm back home and making music again, but there’s still a few shows left for Digisaurus in 2016! Take a look at our Live section for specifics, but if you’re in Ohio, New York, or Philadelphia, I’m excited to see you again soon. 

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