In 2016 I’ve had a changing relationship with the city I’ve called home for the past ten years. I recently moved to Philadelphia with my girlfriend and I was on tour for about 150 days. However, I still think I’ve spent the better part of my year in Columbus so I’ve been slightly hesitant to relinquish this city as my home...and maybe I never will. I'm finding a lot of reasons to keep coming back.

If you live in Columbus, you constantly hear about how much the city's growing. That's true of the music scene much so that groups and think tanks have formed in order to help push the discussion of that growth on a larger scale. At times, I've found the conversation to be somewhat counterproductive to what artists should actually be focusing on (making good art). But it has shed light on how much this city has expanded as an artistic hub. There's so much talent and so many resources available to inspire creativity. I’ve seen a lot of people move away over the last few years who’ve kept studios, bands, and other facets of their music careers going in Columbus so they can stay involved. And now I’m one of those people. I've been back four times since I moved in September, and each time I've had a full docket of writing sessions, recording sessions, shows, etc.

On top of being a great place to get creative, I feel like there’s also been a shift in attitude when it comes to pushing artists out into the world. When I first started playing music here, it felt like there was an insecurity complex when it came to musicians and artists exploring opportunities in other places. Now I finally feel like a value has been put on that and is encouraged by the city and it’s people. Going to other areas, whether it be for touring, residencies, collaborations, or even to live, is essential for musicians to broaden their horizons, gain perspective, and in turn create better art. Retaining talent and growing as a city is important, but it should never come at the sacrifice of an artist reaching their fullest potential.

A lot of what I’m getting at here is gearing up to the fact that I have a show in Columbus this Friday (A&R Music Bar at 7PM with the Odds of Being Born and Cherry Chrome). If you're in Columbus, I want you to come. So yeah, maybe I’m sucking up a bit by bigging up this city. But I also want you to know how important its been to me and how much its helped me this year. The Greater Columbus Arts Council awarded me a performing artist travel grant to help out with tour costs while I was on the road. CD102.5 is playing Digisaurus over the airwaves and is helping present our show this Friday. The Independent’s Day festival included us as part of a kick ass line up that included Cloud Nothings, Speedy Ortiz, and Eskimeaux. And the other two shows we played in Columbus this year were easily our largest attended performances of 2016.

I’m residing in a new city now, but Columbus still very much feels like home for me.  I think anyone who creates should be cognizant of this place, and I’m really proud to introduce us as “Digisaurus from Columbus, Ohio” when I’m on stage in other places. I’m excited to be playing in town again this Friday, so if you’re in Columbus, please come out. It’s going to be a great time. And if you’re not in Columbus, just know how much of an awesome city it is. I'll see you soon.