2015 was a very special year to me. People I consider to be dear friends helped me get this project out into the world, and we had some great adventures taking our performances to different places. Plans for 2016 were made, and I made a point to get rid of all my anchors. I sold a house, shut down my recording studio, and quit my job. I was going to sail off with this band and see where the wind takes us.

Fast forward to 2016 and a lot of those plans and people involved have changed. What had been a very encouraging endeavor had now become a shaky situation at best. Luckily, depending on how you look at it, I really only had myself to blame and I've found the uncomfortableness to be more than a suitable motivator.

I left town and landed in Philadelphia to figure out how I was going to approach everything this year. While the weather outside is frightful, it's actually been quite delightful camping out in my girlfriend's basement for two months. Distractions are few, and the proximity to where I sleep and watch "House of Cards" is close. I've had a lot of time to think, tinker, practice, and repeat.

Yesterday, I made the eight hour trek back to Ohio as I prepare for two shows in Cincinnati and Columbus next week. This is the first test of presenting what I've been working so hard on for two months in the basement. I'd be lying if I said the first month felt a bit worrisome in terms of progress. But thanks to some great supporters, including Jeff Martin and Eric Groseclose who will be joining me on drums and bass next week, I was able to push on and I'm very excited to be performing again.

And this is just the beginning. Shortly after this Ohio run I'll be embarking on a 40 day solo tour up and down the east coast. Not only is it Digisaurus's first time in a lot of these places, it is also my first time as a human. The timing of this blog starting a month out from this tour is no coincidence. I'm going on an interesting adventure and I want to share the experience with you.

All shows for this Spring are listed below and also on our "Live" page. If you know anyone in these cities, please tell them to come out and say "hi." Having a friend in new places makes it about ten times more interesting than not, and that only benefits you as a reader.

Stay Digital

*Trio Shows featuring Jeff Martin on Drums and Eric Groseclose on bass*     

3/11 - Cincinnati, OH - MOTR Pub
3/12 - Columbus, OH - Brother's Drake Meader

*Solo Shows*                                                                                                        

3/30 - Lock Haven, PA - Avenue 209
3/31 - Rochester, NY - Boulder Coffee Co.
4/1 - Harrisburg, PA - Stage on Herr
4/2 - Buffalo, NY - Nietzche's
4/3 - Stroudsburg, PA - The Living Room
4/4 - New York, NY - Shrine World Music Venue
4/5 - Brooklyn, NY - The Way Station
4/6 - Burlington, VT - Radio Bean
4/7 - Dover, NH - Dover Teen Center
4/8 - Rockland, ME - Rock City Cafe
4/9 - Littleton, NH - The Loading Dock
4/10 - Cambridge, MA - WEMF Radio *Radio Appearance on DIWHY*
4/11 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East Corner
4/13 - New Haven, CT - Stella Blues
4/14 - Worcester, MA - Ralph's Diner
4/15 - Westport, CT - Toquet Hall
4/16 - Astoria, NY - Shillelagh Tavern
4/17 - Long Branch, NJ - Brighton Bar
4/18 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
4/19 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
4/20 - Washington, DC - Bossa
4/21 - Asheville, NC - Altamont Brewing Co.
4/22 - Gastonia, NC - Zoe's Coffee House
4/23 - Anniston, AL - Caldwell Tavern                                                                

4/24 - Mobile, AL - The Blind Mule
4/27 - North Charleston, SC - The Mill Lounge                                                    

4/28 - Avondale Estates, GA - Avondale Towne Cinema
4/29 - Sanford, FL - Little Fish Huge Pond
4/30 - Sarasota, FL - Growler's Pub
5/1 - Cape Coral, FL - Rack 'Em Billiards
5/2 - Tampa, FL - Sacred Grounds Coffee House
5/4 - Meadowview, VA - Harvest Table
5/5 - Beckley, WV - Wild Fire Saloon                                                                  

5/6 - Roanoke, VA - The Bazaar
5/7 - Staunton, VA - The Pompei Lounge
5/8 - Thomas, WV - The Purple Fiddle
5/13 - Easton, PA - Pearly Baker's Alehouse