Well here we are. We’re now 3 days into the Digisaurus Solo Spring Tour of 2016, and I’m still getting used to the idea that this is actually occurring. The toughest part is the routine change. Eating, sleeping, and other personal habits...They’ve all made a big adjustment. But it’s getting easier, and I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable with the lifestyle.

Our first couple of performances were to be at coffee shops with small stages. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about these shows. When I think of coffee shop performances, I think of Phoebe from "Friends" playing "Smelly Cat" on her acoustic guitar at the Central Perk. What I do is the opposite of what Phoebe does, and I was nervous about how my show was going to translate.

Our first stop was in Lock Haven, PA, a small town in the middle of Pennsylvania with a population of about 10,000. As you get off the highway to take the local county road to the town, you drive by quite a significant reservoir surrounded by sandy alcoves that make it look like a serene rural beach. We pulled up to the venue, Avenue Coffee, where a nice barista named Aiden helped us load in. His first comments noted how cool it was we were showing up with more than just an acoustic guitar, as was tradition.

I ended up playing to about 15 people at the shop. It seemed comical to me how this somewhat outlandish production was being intensely observed by folks sitting at tables and on couches. But you know what, it worked. It was more of an intellectual presentation; people asked questions between songs and they were genuinely interested in what the hell was going on on stage. I was this close to giving them a guided tour of my set-up.

I love crowd energy, and Digisaurus is more of an act made for rock venues, loud clubs, and people wanting to bust a move. But I have no disillusions that people are clamoring to go see an unknown artist on Wednesday nights in droves. At this point, sometimes the goal is just to get people to hear Digisaurus’ music. This performance in an intimate space accomplished that and basically erased any hesitation I had about doing the show in these venues. We made some new friends and fans and ended up having a great night with two very friendly barista’s from the shop. Big thanks to the manager, Jared Conti, for having us out. He has this “oracular” beard as promisingly displayed in this picture of him sporting a brand new jacket from our Digithreads collection.

We made a similar stopover in Rochester last night, and tonight we make our way to Kent, OH for our first show in a bar for the tour. It’s familiar territory in terms of a venue and a town for me, and I’m looking forward to it.