Whelp, we’ve done it…almost. This week is my last on the road for the Spring with my tour manager, Zach. We’ve just left Florida and are starting to make our way back north towards Tennessee. It’s been a crazy week in the South. We finally had our first vehicle issues in Alabama as our alternator gave out…albeit in the most convenient place: outside a motel in the very town we were playing in that night. Zach handled the situation like a champ and we were ready to roll the next day to Mobile. I played a great show there at the Blind Mule and met a bunch of really friendly locals. They taught me the proper way to eat crawfish and helped me prep for my birthday morning feast the next day by the Gulf shores.

Last Thursday I had one of my favorite shows of the tour at the Avondale Towne Cinema outside Atlanta. The venue is exactly what it sounds like: A movie theater turned into a really cool performance space/rock club. They gave us some of the best sound and support acts we’ve had on this tour. Nobody’s Darlings and Koden (formerly Misery Loves Chachi) showed off some dynamic song-writing abilities combined with soaring melodies to create a some great tunes. I even got treated to some ghost stories from the owner, a former tour crew member for Sister Hazel.

We finally hit our most southern point this weekend in Florida, where the tour started to take a more self-reflective tone. Zach and I picked up an old comrade, Derek, to join us for the shows. Derek lives in Tampa now, but he is a past collaborator and actually played bass on all of the tracks on the “No More Room for Love” EP. Although he was playing the role of casual observer and supporter this weekend, it was great to have some new company and perspective.

The hardest thing to do at the tail end of this tour has been to keep myself focused on the current shows and not let my mind wander to what’s next. I’m not just getting feedback from audiences anymore. I’m starting to see metrics and statistics trickle in from all over the place. I’d be straight up lying if I said I wasn’t already thinking about the next tour and what I’m going to do with my two months in between to make the performances better. I’ve done the show over thirty times on this run and it’s easy to get lost in the routine, complacent, and stuck in my ways. However, hearing some of Derek’s feedback and just having him there helped bring me back to a first-time viewer’s perspective again.

There’s still new people to play for and some nitty gritty’s to work on. We’re winding down on the road, and it feels weird to say, but pretty soon I won’t have the opportunity to do this for a couple of months. I’m going to have a lot to write about over the next few weeks about what this tour meant, it’s effects, and all the highs and lows. But for now, It’s the last week of the Digi Solo Spring tour. I’ve got five more shows to perform for people and for myself and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to do that. And finally...May the 4th be with you!