2017. Something different. A chance to start anew.

While 2017 signifies the departure from a year that most hold in a negative view, it's a little bit more than that to me. It means that I've officially been working Digisaurus full-time for a year now. I'm older, wiser, and not a total nEwb.

2016 was the year I flew by the seat of my pants. I hit the reset button and started over while committing to grandiose adventures on the road. I came out of it with a lot of great memories, but it was very stressful as someone who's not used to living so spontaneously. After taking a year to get adjusted, I'm much more relaxed than I was at this point last January. 

To start off the new year, I spent a week in the studio expanding on some ideas, arrangements, and lyrics that have been piling up over the past couple of months. Now I have an arsenal of new songs. While the release details won't be clear for a while, the best way to ensure you hear them is to check out a show. And there will be plenty of those this year.

But releasing new songs and touring isn’t anything new for Digisaurus. So what will be different? You'll be seeing a lot more content coming out via our Soundcloud and Youtube account in 2017 (Follow us here if you're not already: Soundcloud/Youtube). Expect remixes, music videos, covers, tour diaries, live streams, and the occasional tutorial for the gear heads. First up, I'll be debuting a series of remixes for "I Don't Feel Alright," by American Science, Black Esther, and Osea Merdis (DJ Moxy's new project) in the next few weeks, followed by a music video I shot with director, Evan Spencer Brace.

In the past I’ve usually tried to keep things quiet before they come out, but there's a reason I'm telling you about everything I want to do in advance this time. It's because I want to be held accountable, and I want my friends and fans to help me do that. I also want to know what your goals are for this year. E-mail me at info@digisaurusmusic.com and tell me about them. Maybe there’s some way I can help. Maybe there isn’t. But at the very least we can hold each other to our word. It’s also an opportunity for me to tackle my New Years resolution of communicating more positively and directly with people. When I see you at a show, I want to be able to say, "hey, great to see you! How are your Yoga classes going?" and you can say "Namaste James, they’re going great...but how come I haven't seen any footage from your tour so far?"

It's a new year, and a new opportunity for us to be the best versions of ourselves. Happy 2017!