Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....that's the noise been constantly trying to penetrate my head in the last 24 hours. What that noise means is "I thought I was totally prepared to leave for 40 days, but at this point I'm a day into the tour and I'm still getting ready." It's mostly comprised of long term things I forgot about like renewing my passport for a trip this Summer, filing my taxes, paying all my bills for the next two months, and many short term things on optimizing things for Digisaurus and my own well-being on the road. I got about a quarter of the things done that I wanted to do, but you know what, I think I'll always have something on my plate. Yesterday I rushed back home after a trip to Wal-Mart so I could pack the van, go get a haircut, and leave straight after. Of course, I forgot something. And going to pick it back up after the haircut was really only 10 minutes out of the way. But I got to a stop sign where home was left, and Virginia was right. I took the right turn. At some point, you can only be so ready and I was prepared enough. Everything sorts it self out and now was the time for me to begin my journey. So off I went!...into stand still traffic on 95 South coming out of Philadelphia :)

Last night's show in Harrisonburg at the Clementine was the stuff of dreams for opening up a Digisaurus tour. It had that underground "Comedy Cellar" type feel with an open mic starting things off and then myself and two other featured performers following. A girl named Tessa, AKA Rikroshi, played before me with these massive crazy synth beats and Bjork style vocals ringing out that muddled a sense of tension and enlightenment. I played after and went full production style with the lights and set up and had a ridiculously fun time dancing my ass off with some people in the front. This morning I actually ran into a bunch of people from the show at various locations. Got some cool hiking recommendations and ended up going with Humpback Rock in the Blueridge Mountains.

I wasn't able to tap the gas yet on some stellar conversations concerning what I said I wanted to talk about in last week's blog. But hey, it's day one. At this point, I'm just celebrating the miracle that I'm out on the road even though the "service engine soon" light came on in my van about a 30 minutes into the trip.

I did have some interesting conversations in Columbus last week that's helped open up a lot of my perspective though. Most of them have centered around media trust and distrust and how we interpret and relay information. I won't say I fell for the whole fake news stuff going around leading up to the last election. But I will say that the news I got tended to come from one perspective. That's very much changed since the beginning of the year and I can't really say there's a news outlet I fully trust now without feeling like I'm getting a whole lot of spin on my facts. 

Soon I'll be writing more in depth on this subject of how we get our facts, news, and technology and arts role in that. And I want to hear about your thoughts on the subject before I write about it. Comment below or e-mail me at info@digisaurusmusic.com. Even better...if you're going to be out at any of these shows or in any of these cities below over the next week, let's chat. Have a great weekend and I'll see you soon!

3/24 • Richmond, VA • On the Rox

3/25 • Staunton, VA • The Pompei Lounge

3/27 • Baltimore, MD • Teavolve

3/28 • Brooklyn, NY • The Way Station

3/29 • Lock Haven, PA • Avenue 209