Lubbock, Texas. That's where I am right now. I'm taking a look at my tour spreadsheet and I've got some statistics on how I got down here. It's taken about 30 days to hit this most southern and western point on the tour. I've put 6,000 miles on the van so far and I'll be putting another 4500 on it to get back home over the next 10 days. I've spent close to 100 hours driving (I swear it seems way longer). Trying to think about each of those minutes individually is crazy. Much of that time has been taken up with listening to podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience, Super Duty Tough Work, Waking up with Sam Harris, and S-Town. I've listened to the new Dirty Projectors album countless times, and totally neglected new Gorrilaz singles (I'm waiting for the new album next week!). And I've had a lot of time to just sit and A LOT.

What started as a mission to focus on a theme for this tour quickly devolved into a much more meaningful experience of personal growth. I talked about some of the physical and mental challenges I was experiencing on the road in my last post. It's pretty crazy to think about where my mindset was just two weeks prior and how long ago that seems. Touring is still an emotional rollercoaster, but I've begun to respect my mind and thoughts a lot more and recognize how to take control of them. I've noticed that one negative thought can cascade into a series of negative thoughts that cloud anything positive going on at any one moment. Recognizing that first negative thought and stopping things there has been a fascinating exercise in subduing my natural propensity towards pessimism as an Englishman. There's been a variety of methods I've been experimenting with to get in tune and compartmentalize my mind, mostly utilizing meditation, proper exercise, and healthy eating. Today I decided to treat myself to an hour long session in a sensory deprivation float tank as an early birthday present. When you have nothing else to focus on but your mind, it is crazy how many different places and directions it goes. Recognizing all those different paths and letting my brain run free to come down to a single focus and idea was a surreal experience that I'm blown away by.

I've had so much fun playing shows and talking to fans and new friends on the tour. Words can't express how nice it is to see a familiar face or feel the energy of people interacting with the music in so many ways. I'm doing something not a lot of people get to do in their lives, and I'm so happy and thankful for my freedom to do that. As I mentioned, I've still got 10 days left on this tour and a few dates in May. I've got a crazy Summer coming up (more on that next week), but for now, hopefully I'll see you out sometime in the next few weeks!

Here's the remaining Spring dates:

4/22 • Lubbock, TX • Local Bar & Grill

4/23 • Lubbock, TX • BarPM

4/25 • Fayetteville, AR • The Syc House

4/26 • Springfield, MO • Nathan P Murphy's

4/27 • Fayetteville, AR • Dickson Street Pub

4/28 • Nashville, TN • Wylee's

4/29 • Thomas, WV • The Purpe Fiddle

4/30 • Charleston, WV • The Empty Glass

5/11 • Brattleboro, VT • Whetstone Station Brewery

5/12 • Wareham, MA • 3065 Live

5/13 • Boston, MA • PA’s Lounge

5/16 • Mansfield, OH • Fourth Street Bar

5/19 • Columbus, OH• Rumba Cafe (Tix on sale now: