So, turns out this tour is becoming a little more difficult than I originally thought.

I don't think I've ever challenged myself so hard physically. It takes about 5 trips between the van and the stage to load all my stuff in, and 5 trips to load everything back out. A majority of the time, the distance between those two points seems to be at least 3 blocks. I've come to dread shifting the black box containing my mixer, interface, and wireless units that combines about 60 pounds of weight with incredibly awkward sizing. Simple tasks have become a struggle as certain items consistently get lost in the van...I brought too much stuff. I look at that girl with the ukelele differently now. Instead of someone who's following some annoying fad of performing quirky music with a small Hawaiian instrument like the woman on "Scrubs," maybe she's just approaching this whole music thing really fucking intelligently. I admit, I'm jealous.

I'm about two weeks in and I've noticed a large shift in my attitude that seems to be tied to the weather. As I've gone steadily north, the rain has been falling harder, faster, and with an accompanying sense of loathing as I drive myself further into the abyss, knowing that I'll have to enact feats of strength in the the wet and cold for load in. Is it worth it? Most of the time playing that hour long set and meeting new people is the best part of my day. But if no one's there on a Monday and I've put in a days worth of driving and physicality in the rain to make a show work...what are you supposed to do? Not think about your life decisions that led you to that point? When you're by yourself your mind definitely tends to wander. And you can't help but go further down a hole inundated with information and stories of people doing things more successful than you. 

I admit I thought I was losing my mind a little bit. But today is better. Today it is bright, it is sunny, and I'm in Portland, Maine. Everyone seems happy. Including myself. Things are taking a different perspective and I'm chipping away at my "To Do List" one by one. I'm back in the mindset that this is a marathon, and not a sprint.

I think I got a little cocky about how easy I thought this tour would be given how much help I had last year. This is essentially a long winded way of saying that blog posts might be sparse while I'm on the road It turns out I have to spend a lot of time just playing shows, driving, answering e-mails, and taking care of myself.  Despite this blog seemingly lagging in existential narrative, maybe let's treat it more like a journal for now. I'm still getting a lot of perspective, and I do hope to share it down the line.

Thanks to those who've made it out to the shows so far. Please let me know if you're going to be at any over the next week and I'll see you soon!

4/7 • Biddeford, ME • Elements

4/8 • Manchester, VT • The Perfect Wife

4/9 • Stroudsburg, PA • The Living Room

4/10 • Kent, OH • Stone Tavern

4/11 • Petoskey, MI • City Park Grill

4/12 • Port Huron, MI • Loud Music & Apparel

4/13 • Muncie, IN • Be Here Now

4/14 • Indianapolis, IN • 10 Johnson Ave. Coffeehouse

4/16 • Iowa City, IA • Gabe's