I feel like I’ve been saying this for four months, but I’m finally feeling settled in my new home in LA. Since I’m only back here for about a month and a half, I’ve really wanted to dive into things creatively and see where this city takes me. My goal has been to get away from social media, e-mails, planning, etc. and just focus on music. I got a small rehearsal/production room (when I say small, I mean it’s 5’X7’) in North Hollywood, and it’s the first time I’ve treated myself to the idea of an office outside of my house. My commitment has been to wake up each day at a reasonable time, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and be out the door by 8:30AM to go to the studio or meet up with other artists.

Having this commitment and routine in place for the past few weeks and seeing my creative output soar is not something I view as coincidence. I feel genuinely excited and focused about getting to my lab to focus on making songs for 8 hours. There’s so many people who’ve come here to do the same thing and feed off of that there’s never a shortage of ideas to fall into at any one moment. I’m in my element, I’m engaged, and I’m feeling great. It feels weird to say this, but for the first time in the past couple of years I feel a little hesitant to the idea of picking up and hitting the road again.

No, I’m not going to cancel the Fall tour or anything like that. But it has got me thinking a lot about the future and my approach to music and life down the line. I’ve been touring and working on finishing up songs for Digisaurus non-stop over the past two years. A lot of those recordings are done and are in a place where they’re sitting and waiting for a plan to be released. Unfortunately, I’m in no mood to figure out that plan right now as I’m enjoying writing and producing with other artists so much. I think when it comes to creativity, sometimes you just have to roll with the hot hand and keep going. Either something or someone will come along to pick up the slack to get the work out there, or I’ll hit a wall when it’s time to focus on clearing out that backlog.

Either way, for now you can know that I’m out here just being me and reveling in new ideas. I took a couple hours out of my routine today to write this blog at a coffee shop and it’s provided a nice sense of nostalgia. Once I hit the road again in a couple of weeks, you’ll see a much more happening blog/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Youtube etc. Until then, I’m heading back to the office to work on music, and it feels wonderful. See you soon