Summer has come and gone. Kind of. I live in Los Angeles now, so I have a feeling my Summer may be extended a couple of months this year. But our Summer tour is over, and with that I'm finally getting situated. I've been off the road for a couple of days now and it's still quite amazing to call a place with palm trees everywhere home.

I'll be back with some new videos and in depth blogs in a couple of weeks once I'm done moving. But for now, big thanks to all the familiar faces who came out and showed us a good time this Summer. And to all you Digisaurus newbies, it was great to meet you. I also want to give a big shout out to Eric and Jeff who held it down so well on the bass and drums again over the past few months.

I highlighted my favorite point of this tour, The Eclipse, last week, so check that out here if you want. We'll be hitting up a lot of spots again this Fall, so check out the Live page to see what we have booked so far. If you're down in the Southeast, please stay safe during the up coming storms, and I wish everyone affected by the recent weather events all the best in their recovery. If you're in Ohio, I'll be roaming around the last installment of the Indepedent's Day Festival next week in Columbus on 9/16 and 9/17. It's a great event that I've been involved with for most of it's existence, and this year's line up is insane (Soul Position, Company of Thieves, Marcus Alan Ward, St Lenox, etc.). You won't want to miss it.

See you soon...