Today I’m releasing the first Digisaurus EP since 2015, “Escapades.” The EP is made up of the first four singles I released this year in the 2018 monthly single series:

1. Escapades
2. Knocking Heads
3. A Simple Way
4. I Need You

You can listen to/buy the EP at the following places:

Apple Music/iTunes:
On CD in my online store:

It’s also probably available on any other streaming service you might use.

I’m very proud of these songs, and I’d be remiss not to bring up everyone involved in creating them. Dennis Tanner, Jeremy Fina, Ben Rohletter, Jeff Martin, Eric Groseclose, and Derek Ultican all had a hand in the writing and performance of these songs. Mike Landolt guided us through a long journey in the production and mixing process as my co-producer, engineer, and mixer. And Noelle Campbell provided the distinctive artwork, for this EP and all the singles, that I think captures the mood of them perfectly. I may be operating as a solo artist right now, but it takes a lot of people to create the music. So thank you to these people for taking that journey with me.

A few people have asked me why I’m bothering to put out an EP of songs that have already been released. Well, it’s something I started to think about more after selling out of the last printing of “No More Room for Love” CD’s (thanks to those of you who have bought it by the way). I could have gotten more made, but I wanted something new. The idea of creating some wider releases from the single series had been on my mind, but I wasn’t sure how to do it.

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting down and looking at what we’ve put out so far and what we’ve got in the pipeline. Originally, I thought about trying to do a vinyl compilation at the end of the year, but it felt a little forced putting the songs from the series together. There wasn’t much going on thematically between all of them, but I started to notice clear breaks on where things were changing between the songs as groups. The four that I’m putting out on “Escapades” were written in 2015 and early 2016, and all recorded together in 2016. The next four (starting with “Don’t Call Me, Diana,”) were mostly written and arranged during some sessions in early 2017, and are being produced and recorded as we speak. And the last four were written in late 2017 and early 2018 when I moved to California. These groupings have a sound, a voice, and distinct qualities that just jumped out to me on paper and upon listening to them.

Unfortunately, EP’s on vinyl are tough to justify financially and are simply not within my means right now. And while some have heralded the death of the CD for many years, I say to them, maybe. But I still have plenty of people buying them at shows. I have no idea if these people actually want the CD’s or if it’s an just earnest sign of just wanting to support me. The most common story I hear from people who bought the CD’s is that it ended up in their car CD player for anywhere from one week to three months. I imagine it was then tossed into the back seat, lost for all eternity until the car gets it’s yearly clean out, at which point it’s too scratched up to play and ends up in the garbage. But hey, even that period where I’m on every day in that person’s car is something very meaningful, so I’ll continue to sell that experience.

For those of you who now stream exclusively, I’m still putting up the EP on all streaming services even though the songs are already out as singles. I think hearing  these songs together provides a different experience. So take a listen, let me know what you think, and hopefully you’ll get something more out of them than when you listened to them individually.