I'm getting ready to leave on tour next week. The van's being fixed, we're getting the merch together, and I finally came up with a name for the tour...well, kind of. I recently did an interview with Lex Vegas of Cadaver Dogs and The Skulx (check them out with us this Friday at Rumba Cafe in Columbus to kick off the tour!). He the link title for the interview was "Digital Reality," and I love it so much that I'm stealing it. So yeah...Digital Reality Tour 2017...Take Off! 

I'm embarking on this tour by myself, which is something I rarely did last year. Last Spring I played a solo tour, but my manager Zach came along to help me out. Then over the Summer and Fall, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by the illustrious Eric Groseclose and Jeff Martin as we expanded the production musically. Each tour has morphed in it's priorities. We accomplished a lot but it required a ton of mental capacity to manage so many technical aspects of what we were doing. We had always planned to take out our full production and tour again this Summer/Fall to coincide with the next release, but this solo Spring tour came about because I wanted to get back out there sooner. Right now I'm in the midst of writing an album and I've been drawing inspiration from a lot of conversations with new people. It's taking shape and hones in on a number of different themes: the divide in the US, the power of technology and the internet, the pace and delivery of information, etc. I want to expand on that inspiration by taking 40 days to travel around the country and talk to more people about these things. 

So if you're coming out to a show this Spring, expect the full hour set of futuristic synth pop/funk grooves and visual onslaught that is a Digisaurus show. But also talk to me about what's going on with you and how you've viewed the world over the last year. Let's get coffee or lunch. Or stay up till 3AM drinking fine wines. I'll probably even play you some of my new songs and talk about what I've been writing. My perspective has been constantly shifting my entire life, and I'm excited to see where that goes on this tour. 

EDIT: I'll be updating the blog when I can to let you know how things have been going. Between playing the shows, driving, and taking care of myself, time is very stretched, but you can keep up with things on my instagram. For those of you who missed the tour announcement last week, here's the dates below. Let your friends know I'm coming and I'll see you on the road!

3/17 • Columbus, OH • Rumba Cafe *FULL BAND TOUR KICK OFF ST. PATTY'S DAY EXTRAVAGANZA W/ THE SKULX* $5 Presale Tix Now Available: hyperurl.co/killb6

3/22 • Harrisonburg, VA • Clementine
3/23 • Fairfax, VA • Epicure Café
3/24 • Richmond, VA • On the ROX
3/25 • Staunton, VA • The Pompei Lounge 
3/27 • Baltimore, MD • Teavolve Cafe & Lounge
3/28 • Brooklyn, NY • the way station
3/29 • Lock Haven, PA • Avenue Coffee
3/30 • Buffalo, NY • Lockhouse Distillery & Bar
3/31 • Lancaster, PA • Chameleon Club
4/1 • Camp Hill, PA • Cornerstone Coffeehouse
4/2 • New York, NY • PIANOS
4/4 • Burlington, VT • Manhattan Pizza and Pub
4/5 • Burlington, VT • Radio Bean
4/6 • Dover, NH • Dover Teen Center
4/7 • Biddeford, ME • Elements: Books Coffee Beer
4/8 • Manchester, VT • The Perfect Wife Restaurant & Tavern
4/9 • Stroudsburg, PA • The Living Room at the Sherman Theater
4/10 • Kent, OH • Stone Tavern at Michel's
4/11 • Petoskey, MI • City Park Grill
4/12 • Port Huron, MI • Loud Music & Apparel
4/13 • Muncie, IN • Be Here Now
4/14 • Indianapolis, IN • 10 Johnson Avenue 
 4/16 • Iowa City, IA • Gabe's Iowa City
4/17 • Des Moines, IA • Lefty's Live Music
4/18 • Lincoln, NE • Duffy's Tavern
4/19 • Kansas City, MO • Prohibition Hall
4/20 • Norman, OK • Red Brick Bar
4/21 • Lubbock, TX • Cafe J
4/22 • Lubbock, TX • Local Bar & Grill
4/23 • Lubbock, TX • Barpm 
4/25 • Fayetteville, AR • The Syc House
4/26 • Springfield, MO • Nathan P. Murphy's
4/27 • Fayetteville, AR • Dickson Street Pub
4/29 • Thomas, WV • The Purple Fiddle
4/30 • Charleston, WV • The Empty Glass
5/11 • Brattleboro, VT • Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery
5/12 • Wareham, MA • 3065 Live
5/13 • Boston, MA • PA's Lounge